5 Reasons Why:

No need to worry about the weather

1) The weather is one of the most influential factors in shoots. Rainy days lead to rescheduled shoots, and waiting for the right sunlight can be time-consuming. Having a shoot at your home eliminates these concerns. You can determine the time based on your own or your children's routines, which is wonderful.

Most of your memories are at home

2) Isn't it one of the greatest pleasures to look at old photographs? Seeing the place where you were born, your first toy, your bed... Even years after the shoot, you will have photographs that bring your memories to life.

Your home is where you're most comfortable

3) One of our preferences when photographing or filming is for you to be comfortable. Instead of getting used to a different environment, you can be at ease without poses in your own natural surroundings. This is an essential aspect that adds a documentary-like quality to the shoot.


4) Unlike outdoor shoots, we don't have the limitations of light and time in home shoots. We can be flexible with your daily routines and carry out the shoot at your desired time.

The magic of naturalness

5) The time we spend in our homes, doing everyday activities and being with our children, is when we are most ourselves. It has a magnificent natural aesthetic. There is a moment that belongs to you, and in documentary-style shoots, we love capturing these natural yet unique moments.

For all these reasons, you should give our Lifestyle Shoot at Home a try. 😍